About the BIBFRAME Scribe prototype


The BIBFRAME Scribe prototype is a tool developed by Zepheira that demonstrates how to catalog various materials in native BIBFRAME. As a linked data framework on the web, BIBFRAME is designed to integrate with and engage in the wider information community while also serving the very specific needs of local implementation.

This prototype is designed to demonstrate how one would catalog entities in BIBFRAME, how the workflow is integrated with web services, and how to move between multiple types of entities in a single tool. BIBFRAME is designed to work with existing standards (RDA, DACS, VRA, etc.) and yet-to-be-developed community vocabularies. For demonstration purposes, this prototype uses initial drafts for a small set of material types.

This prototype is a work in progress and is not yet aligned with the various BIBFRAME draft specifications and design patterns.

Status: Pre-release demonstration


Prototype Functionality Facts

Last updated: January 22, 2014